Meet Our Board Member: 

Camille M. Evans, Esq.

Can you tell us briefly about your background and how you became involved with the Foundation for a Healthier West Orange?

My pathway to the Foundation for a Healthier West Orange Board of Directors winds through my life as a working mom and resident of the West Orange Community for the past almost 20 years. Through my journey of raising children, working as an attorney, and serving this community through a variety of impactful organizations like the Wayne Densch YMCA, Orlando Health Central Hospital, Saint Mark Church, West Orange Chamber of Commerce, the American Heart Association of Orlando, The Kingdom Church, and the Central Florida Black Nurses Association, I’ve had the opportunity of consuming the services of partnering alongside so many of our community partners.

What do you believe is the most important work that the Foundation is doing, and how do you see it making a positive impact in our community?

The Foundation’s superpower is our long-term potential as a catalyst for making West Orange the healthiest community in the country. The Foundation is committed to being pragmatic and intentional about interpreting, leveraging, and impacting the data. Equally important, we’re cautious not to reinvent the wheel, instead being strategic about leveraging existing and new resources to achieve meaningful progress in our community.

Can you share a specific accomplishment or project you are particularly proud of during your time on the board?

I’m particularly proud of the way HUBB has so positively impacted residents’ access to community services. There’s a big gap between knowing you need help and securing that help. There is also great security in finding the right assistance you need. Every time HUBB closes that gap for a West Orange resident, it gets them one step closer to the longer, healthier life we dream of for everyone.

What is the most rewarding aspect of serving on the board for you, and what keeps you motivated to continue your involvement?

The most rewarding aspect of serving on the FHWO Board is knowing that every element of our efforts, conversations, and strategies is moving the people in our community toward living longer, healthier lives because we are committed to seeing every West Orange resident thrive!

My motivation is firmly rooted in how much more work is required. The social determinants of health continue to deliver data proving that we have yet to turn the tide on the frontlines of loneliness, mental health, food insecurity, chronic illnesses, placemaking, access to transportation, affordable housing, living wages, and health.

What are your favorite ways to stay active and healthy, and how do you incorporate them into your routine?

My favorite way to stay active and healthy is walking my dog. Our walks are precious to my daily routine; they are a great way to invest in our respective health, clear my mind and see the beauty of the outdoors. I usually listen to books while walking to feed my mind while I exercise my body.