Most of us know being “healthy” goes beyond nutrition and exercise. Mental and emotional well-being are important factors too.

But studies show things like physical safety, shelter and employment also contribute to overall health. In fact, taking care of a loved one who’s sick or losing a job — even temporarily — can have serious impacts on one’s health.

There are a whole host of organizations in our community that help meet these needs, but not everyone is aware of them and if they are, they’re not sure how to navigate the system.

That’s why we created “HUBB,” a community resource center designed to connect residents with health and wellness services as well as critical local assistance programs.

On one easy-to-use website, users can find direct referrals for housing, employment, transportation, and much more, along with health and wellness services—many of which are low-cost or free.

Explore HUBB now and help spread the word.