Health Campaigns

Strong Beautiful Future

Across racial and ethnic groups, African Americans in west Orange have almost double the prevalence of low birthweight babies compared to White and Hispanic women, a trend that is mirrored in national, state and county-level statistics. Low birthweight babies are often the result of an unhealthy pregnancy, but the reasons for an unhealthy pregnancy are largely driven by systemic factors. Strong Beautiful Future created a community-driven campaign that leveraged trusted Black voices within the healthcare community to educate and empower young Black women to overcome some of the barriers they faced during pregnancy.

Drunken Rewind

How do you address a deeply entrenched and socially celebrated behavior among young adult males? You create an animated digital series that rivals the quality of animated shows on Netflix and the Adult Swim network.

It Impacts Us All

Addressing a multi-faceted health epidemic requires a multi-faceted solution. It Impacts Us All educated people about the dangers of opioids while addressing the community-driven public stigma that creates an environment for addiction and substance use disorders to grow.

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