It Impacts Us All

What began as a targeted campaign to reach White males 18-25, expanded based on feedback from community stakeholders. The second year of the campaign took a much more personal, community-focused approach by showcasing local individuals and organizations on the front lines of the epidemic. This evolved further in the third year to specifically address public stigma towards those living with OUD.

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National data indicates that the opioid epidemic has worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic across the country, including Orange County. This impacted some measures of knowledge perceived risk that were trending upward from baseline to Year 2.

Other measures trended upwards from baseline to Year 3, including:

  • Recognizing the risk or dangers of Fentanyl- (Baseline- 68.6%; Year 1- 74.3%; Year 2- 75.9%; Year 3- 85.8%)
  • Knowing opioids can be addicting- (Baseline- 81.4%; Year 1- 82.9%; Year 2- 85.4%; Year 3- 84.0%)
  • Knowing that there are community resources to fight the opioid epidemic, and that someone addicted to opioids can eventually recover
  • Recognition of Narcan, Naloxone, or Evzio, and know what they are used for

The campaign focused on reducing public stigma towards those living with opioid use disorder. Those aware of the campaign had less stigmatizing views according to the following measures.