Strong Beautiful Future

To help reduce the prevalence of low-birthweight babies in west Orange County, Strong Beautiful Future sought to build a strong, supportive community for Black women along all stages of pregnancy and provide the knowledge, tools and confidence to improve their health. Each year built on the previous by layering new strategies and tactics that supported the community-building goal. Local Black women continue to be a driving force behind the growth of this campaign.

To learn more about this campaign, or how your organization can partner in this work, please email your inquiries to or call 407-337-6919.

Video Views
Viewer Retention Rate

Highly Engaged Community


Strong Beautiful Future now has a large, engaged local following and is one of only a few campaigns in the United States specifically focused on addressing low birthweight for African American women. After year 3, the campaign’s healthcare provider videos have been viewed over 160,000 times and on YouTube have a 90% viewer retention rate.

Over the course of the campaign, west Orange respondents saw significant decreases in feeling that there are health related topics one doesn’t feel comfortable asking their doctor about. Among those who intended to become pregnant, there were increases in intentions to speak with providers about important prenatal topics.

Campaign awareness rose steadily from Year 1 to Year 3, especially among the target audience where 36.9% were aware of the campaign following the third year. Moreover, 53.3% of the target audience felt there was a community of Black women who are talking about pregnancy on social media.

Based on the following measures, those aware of the campaign had greater degrees of pregnancy-related knowledge and better attitudes towards engagement with healthcare providers.